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LAWLINE ONLINE COURSE: Current Trends in Collaboration Agreements in the Music Industry with Bernie

1 Course By Bernie Lawrence-Watkins Cost: $89

Course Description:

Over the past 10 years, R & B, Rap, Pop, Latin, and Country music artists have contracted with artists in other genres to collaborate on recordings in an effort to broaden their reach in the music industry. Artists looking to increase their fan base, break into the music industry, or cross over into other genres will also seek the assistance of a known artist to appear as a featured artist on their recording.

With the increasing trend of artists seeking to independently digitally distribute their music, following the proper protocol when hiring major label artists as guest performers is essential to obtain clearance or avoid being shut down.

This course, presented by Bernie Lawrence-Watkins, an esteemed entertainment law practitioner, will provide practical guidance to consider when seeking or hiring guest artists to perform on recordings.

Cost: $89

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the different types of collaboration agreements important to music industry artists

  2. Define the effect of work made for hire provisions

  3. Properly secure clearances or label waivers

  4. Discuss the legal impact that digital music streaming has had on collaboration agreements and how to handle issues that arise

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